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Hooble’s Linux and Windows Cloud Servers will help you to maximise productivity and improve your security. Using our cloud servers removes the need to rely on your own expensive, traditional hardware.


What are Cloud Servers?

Cloud servers are also known as virtual servers. They’re a popular alternative to traditional on-site servers, for good reason. Cloud servers are powered by the internet, which means they can be accessed from anywhere and are easy to scale up or down depending on your needs.

While cloud servers are considered to be virtual as you have no on-site equipment, the servers are hosted on the largest IT organisations’ hardware which is protected to the extreme.

Linux vs Windows

Linux and Microsoft Windows are the two biggest web-hosting services available at the moment. They’re both great options, but depending on your business situation one will be a better fit than the other.


Many people wrongly think that they need to choose the Windows server if their site was created on a Windows machine. However, it is important that the programming language your site was built in is compatible with your server.

Linux generally uses fewer resources than Windows so is considered to be more efficient and reliable than Windows. However, Windows servers tend to have more features, bells and whistles than Linux.


Because Linux is an open source system, it comes in cheaper than the Windows alternative and many companies believe that Microsoft’s brand and track-record are worth paying extra for.

Many start-up companies choose Linux because of its lower price point, while large established companies tend to choose Windows.


As Linux is an open source system, it’s accessible to anyone who wants to use and add improvements to it. This can suggest that it’s not as secure, but Linux is considered to be even more secure than Windows. However, both options boast extremely good security, especially when compared to on-site servers.


Linux works best with other open source software, so if you’re using mostly Windows applications it would make sense to choose the Windows server. It’s not impossible to use Windows applications on a Linux server, but it will require a bit of extra work.

Because of Linux’s open source nature, it’s much easier to modify than Windows. If you’re using the Windows server you would generally have to wait for Microsoft to release a new version of the server, so this is worth bearing in mind.

Although Windows servers are more costly, they come with extra support and tend to have an easier to use interface. This could save you having to pay for specialist tech support for Linux’s open source software. You may find the answers you need from the Linux community, but this can take time and there’s no guarantee the open source community will be able to help you.

Time is money. You can get more done in less time with our speedy cloud servers. No more clunky, outdated hardware slowing your team members down.

Flexibility and Scalability
With our cloud servers you can use more or less resources whenever you need them. If you’re a seasonal business or within a volatile industry, you won’t have to suffer anymore. You only pay for what you need each month, so there’s no wasted IT budget.

We guarantee 99.99% uptime. You’ll have almost no downtime or disruption, so you can focus on running your business as usual.

Highly Available Data Servers
With our cloud servers your data will be stored virtually with full backups and complete access at all times, so you won’t have to worry about equipment failure.

What’s included in all plans?

SSD Storage

SSD Storage

SSDs are a new and improved version of traditional Hard Disk Drives. They’re speedier and much more reliable than the older alternatives.

Software Assurance

Software Assurance

All of our cloud servers will give you access to the latest and best operating systems as soon as they’re available.



We protect your data with backups available in hourly snapshots, or standard daily backups every 24 hours.

Scalable Virtual Servers

Scalable Virtual Servers

Our cloud servers can be scaled up or down to meet your exact requirements, without the hefty price tag of buying new equipment.

DDOS Protection

DDOS Protection

No matter how big or small your business is, DDoS protection will prevent targeted attacks on your system. We provide this at no extra cost.

Create a custom server spec

Need more granular control, why not use our server configurator to build your perfect server solution

Custom Linux

Custom Windows



Can I have a custom system rather than Windows or Linux servers?

You can choose either Linux or Windows cloud servers, or a new custom system of your choice. By pairing your Linux or Windows infrastructure with our cloud services your organisation will see performance that you could only dream of before. We’re happy to chat and help advise on the best solution for your business’s needs.

Can we run isolated environments on the servers easily?

With both Windows and Linux servers you can create isolated environments so it’s easy to run test data separately from live projects. This also helps to boost your security as you can enable staff access to different specific projects.

Can you help me to choose the right server?

If you’re still unsure which server is the best fit for you, Hooble are more than happy to chat and help you to make the right decision. Feel free to get in touch and discuss it with us today.

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