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Cloud WiFi

Log in from anywhere and you can manage your whole network at a glance – including your staff access and guest WiFi.


What is WiFi Management?

Providing internet access is almost as important as oxygen these days. Managing your business’s WiFi network is super easy with the WiFi management portal.

A WiFi management portal will help you to provide and manage an internet network for your office-based staff members, and also a way for guests to access the internet on your premises.

Extra insight
With the management portal, you can review the usage of your WiFi users and improve their user experience.

Reduced costs
Because WiFi is a cloud-managed network you won’t need to repair or replace on-site equipment, saving you money and hassle.

Automatic scanning
You can enable automatic scanning so you know who has access to your internet network and ensure that everything’s under control and running nice and smoothly.

Simple and easy to use
You’ll have a simple dashboard so you can run security updates and incident analysis at any time.

Extra safety and security for customers
By managing your WiFi network your customers and visitors can use the internet more safely than ever.

So What Does WiFi Management Cost?

Because every business is unique, we build a WiFi portal around your business’s requirements. The pricing will be tailored to you, so you only pay for what you need.

Easy Setup






Is it safe from intruders?

Absolutely, your WiFi network will be secure. You have full control over your network access, so guest access will be different to what your staff have access to. It’s all fully manageable through the portal, which you can control from anywhere.

How do I login?

Hooble will send you login details and instructions on how to gain authorisation to your secure WiFi management portal.

Does it work on Windows, Linux or Mac OS?

The WiFi management portal can be accessed from anywhere on any device, as long as you have an internet connection.

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