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CyberSmart is the easiest way to achieve government standard security certification.

Each plan includes government-backed CE certification, Active Protect, and the Dashboard to ensure all of your devices are protected – all the time.



Cyber Essentials Basic

  • CE Certificate
  • 24/7 Device Monitoring
  • Expert Guidance
  • £25k FREE Cyber Insurance
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12mo @

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Cyber Essentials Plus

  • CE Plus Certificate
  • 24/7 Device Monitoring
  • Expert Guidance
  • £25k FREE Cyber Insurance
1mo @
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Cyber Essentials + IASME GDPR

  • CE Certificate
  • 24/7 Device Monitoring
  • Expert Guidance
  • £25k FREE Cyber Insurance
  • GDPR Readiness Certificate
  • GDPR Compliant Policy Pack
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What’s included in all plans?

Cloud Control Panel

Compliance Control Panel

It’s easy for you to monitor and detect non-compliant devices via the Cloud Compliance Control Panel.

Secures Computers and Mobile Devices

Secures Computers and Mobile Devices

One-panel view over all your devices, desktops, laptops and mobile devices alike. Windows and Mac. Mobile apps for Android and Apple devices.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

You can rest easy knowing that automatic scans happen every hour ensuring you remain compliant.

Get all these great features

  • Ensure all your devices stay secure, 24/7
  • Expert guidance is provided to ensure you don’t fail
  • Microsoft Windows Desktop Agent
  • Apple Mac Desktop Agent
  • Android App
  • Apple iOS App

Why you need Cyber Essentials

Cybersecurity is a necessity for every business today, but without technical knowledge, protecting your business can be complicated and expensive, you can remedy this with the CyberSmart solution making it easy, the automatic compliance platform makes sure your business meets recognised security standards, mitigating 98.5% of attacks, all in a few clicks.

Regular Scanning

Your devices are regularly scanned so you know your company is compliant easily.

Remedy your Non Compliant Devices

Through a user-friendly control panel you can view any non-compliant devices and correct the non-compliance.

Improve efficiency

Avoid wasted time by preventing non-compliance without expending your teams time checking devices that are already compliant.

Extra safety and security for customers

Your Cyber Essentials certification provides confidence to your customers that their data is secure in your companies systems.

Cost Effective

It can be costly to audit your network on a yearly basis, with continuous monitoring. You can put that saved money and energy into other areas of your business systems to boost your productivity.

How It Works

Click and Protect

Simple Certification

Ongoing Security


How does the CyberSmart Dashboard protect my business?

The CyberSmart Dashboard allows you to monitor compliance throughout your business. You can check the compliance status of individual devices and fix issues with how-to and step-by-step instructions to ensure that anyone, regardless of technical or compliance knowledge, can ensure their business is safe and secure.

How secure is the CyberSmart Dashboard?

The CyberSmart Dashboard has been designed by security professionals and experienced developers with security as its foundation. We utilise the most secure and resilient infrastructure from AWS which ensures servers are always patched and up to date. Web servers store no sensitive information - this is retrieved from an AES-256 encrypted database accessible only within the virtual private cloud. Automated security tests are performed internally across the codebase on every commit. External automated web application security testing is performed daily. ​ In addition, we undertake regular third-party security audits including web application penetration tests to ensure comprehensive coverage.

What devices would I need to install CyberSmart Active Protect on?

CyberSmart Active Protect should be installed on any devices that access company or customer data. This may include both personal and professional desktops, laptops, servers, virtual machines, mobile phones and tablets.

What else does CyberSmart Active Protect check on my devices?

CyberSmart Active Protect predominantly checks native security configuration on devices and if any existing software installed on devices has any known vulnerabilities. For the anti-malware and firewall checks, the software will also check for third party installs (e.g. Avira, Avast, Sophos, etc.) and include the name of the third party user next to the check. By default, Active Protect is ‘report only’ mode, meaning it cannot modify anything on the device, it simply feeds back information about security configuration settings and software vulnerabilities to your cloud-based dashboard.

What is CyberSmart Active Protect?

Security software can often be a black box, users know very little about what is going on behind the scenes and this doesn't contribute to the overall education of users on good security practices. We decided to remove the mystery and provide end users a direct insight into the security process. CyberSmart Active Protect is a simple software application which is installed on all devices at your business that access company or customer data and ensure ongoing compliance. Active Protect helps businesses to both achieve and maintain Cyber Essentials. Active Protect periodically checks and reports the compliance status of the device by running through a series of security checks and identifies any vulnerabilities or issues on devices in an easy, traffic light system. Active Protect displays exactly what checks are taking place and the results of those tests. For any checks that are failing, Active Protect provides step by step instructions on how to quickly remediate these to ensure you are working in a safe and secure environment. Active Protect simply feeds back information about security configuration settings to the Dashboard where you can monitor the compliance of your organisation.

What is the CyberSmart Dashboard?

The CyberSmart Dashboard (also known as a portal) acts as the central hub where all information from the apps on your company devices feeds into and allows the administrator for the organisation to manage their security and compliance. This cloud-based dashboard offers visibility across your business and the ability to monitor and remediate compliance ensuring continuous protection. The CyberSmart Dashboard gives you access to compliance reports and the ability to digitally share policy documents with end users and track adherence. It will show you if any software is vulnerable on your Windows and Mac devices. If you are using self-enrolment, it allows you to add or remove users (or CyberSmart can do this automatically via Google/Microsoft sync). It allows you to download the latest MSI / PKG files if you are using bulk deployment. The Dashboard also allows you to complete questionnaires for Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance & GDPR readiness.

Why do I need CyberSmart Active Protect?

With a growing culture of remote working, dispersed workforces, and endless professional systems, outstanding cyber hygiene is now critical for the success of small businesses. Unfortunately, certification in this field only guarantees protection at a single moment in time. We have found many businesses lapse in security within a few months of certification. CyberSmart Active Protect offers continuous compliance. It is easily installed on any device- personal or company-owned- and runs continually in the background, assessing its security every 15 minutes. When a device fails a security check, it is immediately reported to a centralised dashboard with simple step-by-step instructions on how to fix the issue. In addition to security monitoring, the app provides a platform for company policy distribution so every team member can have access to critical company policies on their device.